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Recently, the media has been flooded with stories about the refugee crisis in Afghanistan. With tens of thousands of families and children displaced, the updates can be overwhelming. Our Refugee Focus mission gives the Dayspring congregation an opportunity to show God’s love to those who need it most. 

Refugee Focus is a program of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest that has welcomed over 13,000 refugees to Phoenix since 1982. Local churches, like Dayspring, “adopt” a refugee family to support throughout their transition into life in Phoenix, providing stability and friendship in an uncertain new place. 

Our role is to gather the items needed for the family’s first Arizona home, meet the family at the airport, and then provide regular social support for a few months once they arrive. Church sponsors help to furnish an apartment for the family with items donated from congregation members. Once the family arrives, church sponsors help show families the ropes in terms of public transportation, banking, tutoring the children with homework and many other important skills. 

Right now, the Refugee Focus team at Dayspring is just starting to recruit volunteers and to collect items such as beds, sofas, tables, kitchen items, etc. for at least one family. A full list of needs is below. We hope to gather all of the items needed in the next couple of weeks, as a family may arrive with only a couple days notice.
There are refugee families just starting to arrive into Phoenix, and currently not enough church sponsors to help guide each family. This is a chance for Dayspring to make a difference and reach out to the stranger. 

Email Paola or call the church office at 480-838-1446 with any questions regarding volunteering or donations!