Aldersgate United Methodist Church is now Dayspring Arcadia. Join us Sundays at 11am for services!

Call to Prayer

How fortunate we are at Dayspring to be a People of Prayer! We have found during this challenging time of the pandemic that relationships with each other and with our God have taken on new meanings.

Prayer is not only speaking words or listening for direction with God. Prayer is also sitting silently. Prayer is reaching out to someone who needs our help. Prayer is found in reading inspirational writings. Prayer is holding a baby. Prayer is listening to another person who simply needs someone to be there. Prayer is seeing a rainbow, or a bird, or a flower, or some other unexpected beauty. Prayer is helping a child with school work. Prayer is washing the dishes or the car or the patio. Prayer is anytime we encounter another person and our souls reach out to touch each other.

You are invited to be involved in two special times of prayer during the week. One is Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom when we have a time of PRAYING TOGETHER. (see below) We share our own concerns and then hear the concerns of the community followed by LORD, IN YOUR MERCY, HEAR OUR PRAYERS. This is a special intimate time for sharing in prayer.

The other time is Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Even though we are in places all over the valley, we come together at this time to pray for those who have been affected by the pandemic. We pray for those who have died, for their families, for those who are ill and for those who love them, and for all the health professionals who are caring for patients in hospitals and care center. Wherever you are, stop for a moment and offer your prayer to God for healing and strength.

Please answer this CALL TO PRAYER! God will become real to you in a new and wonderful way!

~Pastor Shirley

Soaking Prayer

During these days of isolation, I am blessed to find new ways to pray. Sharing with friends their experiences and reading about suggestions have intensified my prayer life. Here is one that might be helpful to you!

TRY: Soaking Prayer

First, lay aside all intensive prayer and reading. Lay aside intercessory prayer for a while. (God will take care of those for whom you pray as you rest.) Make your body comfortable and at rest, whether on a bed, a deep chair, on the floor, or on the ground.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence: from God comes my salvation.”Psalm 62:1

Think of God’s warmth and light surrounding you, as if you lie in the sun or a pool of water. If this image seems too warm or confining, think of yourself in a cool, blue lake or lying on the beach with the ocean waves gently washing over you. Or you may wish to think of yourself as an underwater reed, slowly swaying in the water currents, or as a flexible tree rocking in the breeze. Some other image may come. You may wish to let your own body slowly and gently rock from side to side as if you were being cradled.

Or you may just wish to lie very still and let God’s light and breath flow slowly and deeply into every part of your body, saturating you just as water saturates a sponge. Your whole self is washed in God’s presence.

This prayer can last for fifteen minutes or for several hours. Let it send you into sleep if you wish.If you are seriously fatigued or ill, let this be your only form of prayer for a while – maybe for weeks. This form of prayer used for a few minutes every day can also prevent exhaustion.

Blessings of Peace as your enter into a new form of prayer, courtesy Upper Room Ministries.

A Velvet Bridge


All I know is that prayer constructs a velvet bridge
And walking it we are aloft, as on a springboard, 
Above landscapes the color of ripe gold
Transformed by a magic stopping of the sun…
Notice:  I say we; there, every one, separately,
Feels compassion for others entangled in the flesh
And knows that is there is no other shore
We will walk that aerial bridge all the same.

Czeslaw Milosz, 1911-2004

So many times during the day I find myself saying, “Thank you, God,” or "Help me, God.”  Not many words but a way to keep God with me.  This is a way of sharing our innermost feelings with the God who loves us unconditionally.  And this is only one way of many where we can be in personal relationship with God.

I love the words printed above which explains that prayer is a velvet bridge connecting us first to God but also with each other.  Prayer comes in so many ways.  Some sit in silence waiting to enter more deeply into the mystery of God.  Some sit with a coloring book and through the pens or pencils a relationship is established without words.  Or some write in a gratitude journal or send a note of thanks to someone who needs a word of Hope.  Others simply view the sunset or the sunrise.  And at times we may express our feelings of concern and thanksgiving through a lengthy conversation with God.  All these are a part of that bridge which connects us.

Another way to pray at Dayspring is on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  Wherever we are, we stop to pray for those who have been affected by Covid-19.  We pray for those who have been ill or who are ill now, for the families of those who have died, for all the healthcare workers and so many others including our educators who are working tirelessly so that we might live, for wisdom and leadership for the leaders of our world, for all men, women and children who are affected in any way.

We invite you also to PRAYING TOGETHER held on Zoom each Monday evening at 7pm.  We share with God special needs and also the prayers of the people of Dayspring which are shared on Sunday mornings.  You may attend every Monday evening or on those Mondays when you have special needs. Please email Pastor Shirley at if you want to receive the link or if you cannot be with us and have a special prayer concern.  LORD IN YOUR MERCY HEAR OUR PRAYERS.

- Pastor Shirley

Pandemic Prayer

These are different times that we are experiencing. One way we can stay in touch, even though we are apart, is through prayer. God hears each and every one of our prayers. We are not alone! And we want those who are especially struggling during this time to know that we care for them and love them.

On Wednesday evenings at 7pm, please pause to chat with God about the needs of others who are hurting. You may use your own words or the following prayer by Pastor Shirley:

Loving God, we pause in this moment
to remember all who are affected
by the coronavirus.
Be with the families
of those who have died.
Be with the ones who are ill.
Be with the doctors, nurses,
health professionals,
all who care for the sick and the dying.
Be with those who live in uncertainty, fear and despair.
Help us all to draw closer to you.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Crisis Response

The Dayspring church family not only supports the happy moments but also the tragic or difficult moments. This group organizes memorial receptions and support. They respond on short notice.