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SACRED SPACE: Dayspring’s Best Kept Secret

It’s not really a secret. I just don’t remember hearing much about it.

I impulsively made a commitment for Sunday morning and found myself quite disappointed that I would be missing church. I admit I don’t attend every single week, but I’ve been more regular since I’ve joined a couple groups and am making friends. I’ve come to enjoy seeing familiar faces, getting a little nod of acknowledgement or giving a wave across the aisle.

I was also disappointed I would be missing the less tangible aspects of church that ground me and give structure to my spiritual life. I almost canceled my commitment, which would have been a different kind of disappointment, but then realized…. THERE IS A CONTEMPLATIVE SERVICE AT 8:50!  It’s just 30 minutes so it fit into my schedule perfectly. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It was really lovely. It’s super low key and calming but not boring or too formal as I was expecting. All our ministers have a role ,and while we do pray aloud together and sing, there is more time for contemplation and prayer, usually accompanied by music. 

It is different enough from the regular service that if I did both, I would not notice repeating anything. It was my “stand alone” service that day, and given my hectic schedule lately, it was just exactly what I needed. I will be attending this service more often, and if you see me there, give a little wave hello. 

~Laura H.

What do in-person services look like right now?

  • If you aren’t feeling well, please do not attend service. 
  • The sanctuary, narthex, and restrooms are thoroughly cleaned prior to each service.
  • Masks are always welcome.
  • All information is projected on the walls and a digital bulletin will be available weekly HERE (with technical assistance if needed) to view on your smartphone if you prefer. A limited number of paper bulletins are available if you prefer.
  • We will continue to offer the 10:00 service online through all our video channels. Offering our services through livestream to those who are not able to attend in person has been and continues to be an important part of our ministry!