Join us on Easter morning at 8:30 or 10 in Tempe and 11 in Arcadia!


@ 8:50 (Sacred Space) & 10:00am (Traditional Service)


@ 11:00am on the first Sunday of the month and Community Dinners @ 5:00pm on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

We are a welcoming, multi-generational church with a passion for learning, growing, and serving others. You’ll find people wearing a wide range of attire from shorts or jeans to suits. Come as you are – you’re welcome at Dayspring!

What is Sacred Space?

During these times of relentless pressures, demanding schedules, 24/7 anxiety-inducing news, and the weight of life’s responsibilities and critical decisions, our hearts, and souls long for refreshment and peace that only comes from a deep connection with God, The Universe, The Holy, or whatever name resonates with your spirit.

In response to this longing, we have crafted Sacred Space, a haven where we can hush the clamor of our overstimulated and overcommitted minds.

During this time, we intentionally quiet ourselves, and invite our hearts, minds, and souls to be opened to the ministry and Presence of the Holy that resides within us. Here, we listen for the voiceless Voice of God, which speaks to us through the language of the heart, in the hush of silence, the cadence of poetry, a singing bowl, and the resonance of music.

We join the rhythm of the Spirit, weaving together prayer and communion with God before going out to engage the world.

Participation in Sacred Space requires no specific skills or spiritual disciplines, only a desire to seek the Sacred and an openness to how the Spirit may beckon us to be Love in the world.