Join us in TEMPE every Sunday morning at 8:50 for Sacred Space or 10:00 for our traditional service.

One of the greatest treasures – among many – at Dayspring is the memorial labyrinth located on our campus! For so long we were unable to walk the labyrinth or even go onto the campus. Therefore, this is even more holy space for us.

Amidst all the turmoil we are feeling in our world and in our lives at this time, walking the labyrinth offers us a time for intentional quiet meditation with God. Our souls are screaming out for peace and strength. Walking the labyrinth represents the journey of our lives, including experiences, changes, discoveries, and challenges. We are so fortunate to have a labyrinth at Dayspring which is a valuable spiritual tool to aid us in our own healing and spiritual growth.

The Dayspring Labyrinth is in the Northeast corner of our courtyard and open to use any time the church campus is open. Laura and Rev. Rosemary host labyrinth events every month. Please email them with any questions about the labyrinth or upcoming events.