Join us in TEMPE every Sunday morning at 8:50 for Sacred Space or 10:00 for our traditional service.

Reports To: Board of Trustees

Hours: Part time – 29 hrs/week


Under the direction of the Board of Trustees and supervision by the senior pastor, this position oversees the two physical campuses of Dayspring, in Tempe and Arcadia to ensure the good working order of the facilities (pertaining to electrical, plumbing, equipment,etc.) to support the operations of the church including worship, operations of the preschools, small group meetings and space usage by outside groups. They also perform other related tasks as deemed necessary as required by the Pastor and church staff as well as the Board of Trustees.


  • Experience in basic building repair and maintenance including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, landscape irrigation, HVAC.
  • Experience in bidding jobs and hiring contractors for facilities maintenance and repair that exceed the capabilities of staff and volunteers (hvac replacement, etc)
  • Experience supervising other facilities and landscape staff
  • Demonstrated experience maintaining good working relationships with teams both internal and with other community stakeholders.
  • Able to develop thorough working knowledge of both campuses to be able to anticipate maintenance needs and respond effectively to unexpected situations.
  • Self-starter who can develop and execute maintenance plan, respond timely to issues and report on status to Board of Trustees and Senior Pastor regularly.
  • Work within an established budget.

Essential Job Functions:

Liaise with preschool directors (either Dayspring staff or tenants) to ensure proper working order of all areas subject to state regulation.

1. Air Conditioning:

Plan for and oversee routine maintenance of HVAC systems In the event of A/C failures, they need to attempt to contact the Board before arranging for maintenance and repairs. In an emergency, they arrange for repairs, however, still contact the Trustees as soon as possible. Inspect and change the A/C filters on a schedule.

2. Plumbing:

Perform routine plumbing repairs as observed or reported on maintenance request forms. Routine plumbing would include work that could be performed by a competent handyman. For work requiring a plumber, contact the Trustees prior to arranging for repairs unless an emergency is involved.

3. Electrical:

Perform routine electrical repairs and maintenance (replacement of faulty plugs and switches, replacement of faulty ballasts, changing light bulbs, replacing batteries, etc.). Set exterior light timers and periodically check all exterior lights, including the parking lot, for proper operation. Identify any problems that require an electrician to the Trustees prior to arranging for maintenance unless an emergency is involved.

4. Landscaping:

Supervise and monitor the performance of the landscape maintenance contractor or employee to ensure campus landscape is well-kept and tidy. Landscape includes tree/bush upkeep, weeding, mowing, volleyball court maintenance, parking lot, maintenance both around the churches and in courtyard areas. Advise the Trustees of any problems noted.


  • Periodically test the irrigation controllers for proper operation.
  • Repair irrigation leaks as observed or reported on maintenance request forms.
  • For major irrigation problems, contact the Trustees to discuss corrective action.


  • Maintain the proper chlorine level in the fountain and treat with algaecide as needed.
  • Periodically scrub the rock with a muriatic acid solution to eliminate calcium deposits.
  • In the spring and fall, drain, clean and refill the fountain.

5. Church Facilities:

Monitor the interior and exterior condition of the facilities to identify areas that need attention such as paint (the Trustees may task the maintenance person to perform limited painting), wall repair, door and lock operation, window repair, caulking, etc. Correct minor deficiencies as found. Advise the Trustees of areas where major maintenance is required. Periodically check all closet and storage areas to ensure compliance with fire code requirements and notify the Trustees of any problems noted.

Parsonage: The Dayspring Parsonage in Arcadia is currently under a management contract, but the facilities manager would be involved when decisions or repairs are requested by the management company.

When independent contractors are performing work at the Church, serve as the point-of-contact for facility access and questions during normal maintenance person work hours. Contact the Trustees to ensure contractor support for other times.

6. Safety and Security:

a. Work with trustees to develop plan to address trespassers including, but not limited to asking them to leave the property, installing deterrence systems (cameras/fences, etc) up to and including contacting the authorities as deemed necessary.

Perform other tasks as requested by the Trustees, Church Staff, and Preschool.

  • Set up rooms for meetings and special occasions as requested.
  • Deliver mailings to the post office, pick up maintenance items and office supplies as required and deliver and pick up items requiring off-site service. Note: the maintenance person is to fill out a mileage reimbursement form supplied by the Church in order to be reimbursed.
  • After periods of inclement weather, assist in clean-up by removing debris (sweeping/blowing of the patio and sidewalk areas, cutting up and disposing of downed tree branches, etc.) Advise the Trustees of major damage, such as downed trees, roof damage, flooding, etc.
  • As directed by the Trustees or Staff, perform janitorial duties when the janitor is either not available or unable to attend to a specific need due to other duties.

Special Projects:

The maintenance position may be requested to perform special projects and to oversee work in connection with capital improvements to be made to the facilities at Dayspring. Such special projects may result in an adjustment of hours and compensation.

Terms of Employment

1. Salary is determined by the Staff/Parish Relations Committee upon recommendation from the senior pastor, as part of the Annual Budget review process.

2. Work hours will generally be 8:00 a.m. – 3:00p.m. Monday through Thursday. Other hours may be negotiated within a 29 hour work week. Occasional evenings and weekends may be required.