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Water source before the well

In 2018, Dayspring Children’s Ministry, in partnership with the Mayson family, began a project of raising money for and building clean water wells in villages in the rural areas around Monrovia, Liberia. We have been able to raise enough funds to build four new wells in different communities so far.

New clean water well

On a recent trip back to Liberia, we learned that the well that we built in 2020 is serving not only the community where it was built, but three other villages in the area. Unfortunately, there is a busy highway that children and others collecting water must cross to get to the hand pump. Crossing this busy road has resulted in dangerous conditions and injury for some community members. We were asked if we would consider putting another well on the opposite side of the road to prevent injuries and serve three communities on that side. We jumped at the chance.

Members of all four communities came together to donate fabric, foam filling, sewing supplies, sewing machines, and their time to sew bags to help us raise funds to put a well in their community. They were proud to be part of the effort to raise funds and we are proud to be in partnership with them to safely provide clean water to the residents of all four villages.

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Celebrating clean water!