The Dayspring Youth  have focused on Sunday Formation classes and developing gardening skills over the past month!  Our youth group still meets weekly on Zoom to learn, grow, and share  in our faith  journeys.  

We are are also working to develop the essential skill of  gardening.  Under the guidance of Chris Lueck, the youth have learned how to prepare garden beds and how to plant different types of seeds.  Youth  will also be planting some butterfly attracting plants around the garden!  We even had some time to fit in some ice cream.  It will be exciting to see  how our winter harvest turns out  as a result of our new gardening skills!  

The Dayspring Youth are looking forward to helping prepare the Family Halloween Walk Through Parade happening on the 24th of October.  We need many youth volunteers to make this a fun event for our families.  Please let Jennine know if you are available to help out and you will be given a time slot.  We will be implementing safety procedures during the set-up and throughout the event.  

If you have any questions about our youth program at Dayspring, please reach out to Jennine for more information.