Vacation Bible School Registration is Open!

As we move into the season of Lent we want to share an opportunity for you and your family to participate in a Lenten Calendar full of activities and practices to help bring your family closer together and closer to God as we prepare for Easter. Download the calendar HERE.

Parable of Talents is back, virtually!  In Sunday school next month we will be spending time talking about the story of Parable of Talents and then we invite all of our children to record themselves doing something they love and sharing their talents with us all.  All of these videos will be compiled and shared with the church community to raise money for our next Clean Water Well project in Liberia. 

in 2017 Children’s ministry raised money for one of our church members to go to Liberia in Africa to build a clean water well for a community outside of Monrovia. Again in 2018 we raised money for a second well project that was built in 2019. The money that we raised in 2019 was supposed to be the well that was built in the spring of 2020, obviously that trip didn’t happen, but the Mayson family is headed back to Monrovia this spring to build our third clean water well in a third village in Liberia. As we look to the future and life slowly works its way back to something that resembles normal, this project is something we hope to be able to continue to do in the years to come. Our biggest fundraiser for this project is the Parable of Talents which we normally do in February/March as it fits into our curriculum in Sunday school. This year we are a little behind schedule and making it virtual but we still need your help. Please email Emily for more information or to learn how your child can participate.