We are collecting donations for Justa Center, one of the nation’s only day-resource centers exclusively for homeless seniors, and their heat relief program. Donations will allow for the bulk purchase of needed supplies.

*Write “Justa Center” in the Memo.

So far this year, Justa Center has served 167 first-time homeless seniors and they are preparing for increased numbers again in August and September, as Phoenix expects high number of evictions. They continue to serve the community outside and will do so until at least September 30.  Their landlord is in the process of renovating their bathrooms, showers and laundry area, creating areas that will be accessible, healthier and easier for everyone to use.  They will have new stalls, new flooring, and higher raised-seat toilets, plus a new water heater and new commercial style washer and dryer.

A large number of seniors are being tested due to covid symptoms and are being housed in hotels. Justa is currently not accepting household items, as they simply don’t have the storage.  The Heat Relief Program has enough water for the moment, but is anxious about their toilet paper supply – they give out 200 more rolls per week, in addition to their use at the center.  Please remember that right now no libraries are open, no senior centers, no malls, no government offices are open for assistance, and most doctors are only offering Telemedicine visits (which doesn’t work for homeless persons for obvious reasons).