The season of Advent empowered our youth group to come together for discussions surrounding hope, love, joy and peace.  As  2020 comes to a close, it is interesting to note that youth formation online classes often tie in a portion of the weekly Dayspring online service as springboards for our discussions.  The online services provide valuable connections to the larger church community and enable our youth to see that church leadership is carrying on beautifully.  

Despite the Covid difficulties, the Dayspring Youth were still able to have the annual gingerbread house decorating contest!  Although it wasn’t in the Fellowship Hall as usual, it was less messy (on the church campus anyway) and very fun for our youth! Winners took prizes in several categories:  tallest structure, most creative, most traditional, most ‘stuff’, and biggest fail!  It was a great way to celebrate a piece of normalcy during the holiday season.  

As 2020 comes to a close, our church community can celebrate our wonderful group of youth that call Dayspring home.  They are a group of inquisitive and self-reflective kids. They care about others and truly work to develop  global perspectives.  We pray that 2021 brings new opportunities and experiences for our wonderful group of youth at Dayspring.

Bring on 2021!