The Dayspring Youth continued Formation conversations around hope. Our group talked about different visions we have for our lives and learned about the power of creating vision boards! The youth picked up vision board kits from church, and then met on zoom for a vision board workshop. We created boards filled with inspirational quotes, motivational pictures, personal challenges, and goal statements. The vision boards were a great wrapup to our many conversations about hope!

Also in formation, the youth learned about the Japanese principle of Kintsugi. The legend states that an emperor broke one of his prized bowls. It was repaired with gold resin, which made it even more beautiful than it had been before. The symbolism in this is that we are more beautiful and unique when Our imperfections and mistakes are  included. Our “cracks “only add to who we are.

We are SO looking forward to when we can meet in person again and are hoping that we can play Dayspring volleyball this summer! In the meantime, if you have a 7-12th grader who is looking for connections with a great group, text Jennine for more information.