Our youth have been enjoying getting together Sunday evenings, creating Easter bags for the Dayspring children’s egg hunt, volunteering at Borderlands, attending Formation, and reflecting upon the past year.  It seems normalcy is not that far off!  

During Formation, the youth were encouraged to include some thoughts for this collective reflection piece. 


  • I’ve learned to love the little things in life. I’m thankful my family has been able to provide throughout the past year. I pray people ask for help when it is needed.
  • I’ve learned good life skills for the future. I’m thankful that I’m doing well in school. I pray that people remain strong.
  • I’ve learned that small things that seem like the end of the world aren’t always a big deal, that you should try to find the positive thing in everything.
  • I’m thankful for books and music. I would be really bored without books, and I learn a lot from them.
  • I pray that  it will get better, that we can get back to more normal, and that maybe in the future people will learn from experiences, and be better humans.
  • I’ve Learned to overcome challenges and try my best. I’m thankful for being able to make changes and grace. I pray we will grow stronger and have positive outcomes. 
  • I’ve learned what is most important in life. This pandemic has taught me about priorities. I’m thankful for this slower pace of life for a while. I pray that we have a smooth transition to post-pandemic life.
  • I’ve learned that in order to protect yourself, you have to protect others too. I’m thankful for my family and friends that helped me through the difficult times. I pray that after this experience, people will learn to care about others more.
  • I’ve learned that running everyday helps me stay in shape and helps me feel better to start my day. I’m thankful that I live in a nice house with my family in a safe area and for my health. I pray that the pandemic ends soon and no one else dies from the virus.
  • I’ve learned that I have to be more mindful of others. I am thankful for my family. I pray that everyone will endure through the tough time.
  • I’m thankful for my learning how to study better, and skills to be successful in life.
  • I’ve learned that you don’t get everything right first try, and its important to keep trying. I’m thankful for all the free time I’ve had to do things I enjoy. I pray that we can all get back to a state of somewhat normal.
  • I’ve learned that the struggle we face in the moment can’t compare to the happiness and joy that is coming. I’m thankful that I can still foster cats and do the volunteer work I love safely learning to be more independent.  I pray for everyone who has struggled during the pandemic and that they can find strength. 
  • I’ve learned more about myself and how to help others in my own way. I’m thankful for the time given to us to see what is really important. I pray for those who have lost during this time and to help them seek comfort.
  • I’ve learned the importance of character and how to be a better friend and family member. I’m thankful for the opportunities to learn my identity and what I love in life and for my family that loves and supports me everyday. I pray that my family will continue to stay safe.
  • I’ve learned self love. I’m thankful for real genuine friends. I pray people can recognize their own self worth and surround themselves with people who positively affect them. 

                        The Dayspring Youth, March 2021