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Upcoming Capital Maintenance Needs

As everyone who owns a home or other building knows, as the home ages, maintenance is required. Dayspring’s home is no exception. The original buildings (Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Office, Palo Verde Room and one-story classrooms) were built in 1981, forty years ago. The sanctuary and two-story classrooms were built in 1988, thirty-three years ago. Over the years, repairs and upgrades have been made, with the most extensive renovations happening in 2015-2017 with the complete re-paving of the parking lot, landscaping and irrigation system for the entire campus, refurbishing the classrooms, adding an accessible restroom in the narthex, adding the volleyball court and Giving Garden, adding new signage around the property, and replacing some A/C units. Another $50,000 was donated to the UMOM Women’s Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, and the Tochimizolco clinic for their building projects. The All Things New Capital Campaign was a major undertaking for which $970,000 was donated by the congregation.

Since 2018, additional repairs and replacements have been needed. More A/C units have been replaced, the organ repaired, patio columns repaired, re-coating the roof of the sanctuary, replacing the front gate, and replacing the flooring and paint in the church office. Donations by the congregation to the Miracle Sunday campaign ($115,000) and the Capital Reserve fund ($39,000) over the last two years have paid for these major repairs.

The need for repairs and replacements have been many, and as 2021 ends, the cash reserves from the capital campaigns of the last few years have been depleted. The Trustees committee has identified the known needs for the next two years as identified below:

Capital Maintenance needs for 2022/2023:

A/C Units
$25,000 per year to replace units as they fail. There are still 16 units that are over 20+ years old. New units will result in lower electricity usage.

Plumbing Leaks
$8,000 per year to repair plumbing leaks from the 40-year-old water system. Joints in our old, underground pipes have been breaking and requiring repair. These leaks also result in higher water bills.

Metal Sanctuary Doors
$6,000 to refinish, repair and adjust the metal doors to the sanctuary.

Replace Roof Shingles
$90,000 estimate to replace roof shingles over the Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Offices, Palo Verde Room, and Preschool two-story building.

Sanctuary Lighting
$68,000 to replace obsolete sodium lights with LED lighting. LED lights would save energy and significantly reduce electricity usage. An additional $37,000 is needed to upgrade back lighting and floor accent lighting to enhance for Livestreaming.

Sanctuary Sound System
$17,000 to replace the existing analog audio console with a digital console to improve the sound in the sanctuary and for Livestreaming.

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