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How do Easter and Crayons go together?  

Growing up, my parents had a good family friend, Kathie.  Kathie was the kind of mom everyone wanted. She was that kind of parent you always wanted to go to for advice, to her house after school, and always knew she would be there for any one of her children’s friends. Every Easter season I think of Kathie, because the day before Easter when I was a freshman in high school, Kathie passed away after a short battle with cancer and it hit my family and I very hard. I remember my mom coming into my room to tell me the news and asking what I wanted to do that night as I cried and said “I want to go to church tonight for service”, so that is what we did. Probably not your normal teenager response BUT I found it a sign from God that Kathie passed away the day before Easter. While I did not understand why I wanted to go to church that night, my understanding to her passing that day came to light a week later when we honored Kathie at her funeral.   

At her funeral, the pastor shared the following story: When Kathie’s son Jim (her first born) was about to start kindergarten, they went to the school supply shop to buy all the things Jim needed to start school. As they were shopping, Jims’s list said he needed a box of 8 Crayola crayons. As they were looking in the crayon aisle, Jim saw a box of 64 crayons right by the box of 8 crayons. Upon seeing the difference, Jim turned to his mom and asked, “Why do I need only 8 crayons when I can have the box of 64?”. Kathie replied to her son, “Oh Jimmy, the box of 64 is for when you go to college”.   

The day Jim left for college, waiting on his bed was the box of 64 crayons with a note that simply said, “Love, Mom”.  

Lent is the story of Jesus’ last days on earth, his sacrifice of love dying on the cross and then his resurrection. This is a season of reflecting on what will be our individual impact (to even just one person) while we walk this earth. We know we will not measure up to Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice (That’s ok – there is a reason it is Jesus) so find a way to impact the lives around you in such a way you will be celebrated and always remembered.  

Youth Sunday: We are beginning to plan for Youth Sunday. TBD May/June date. If you are interested in being part of the planning and participating let Erin know at Formation or email her  

Sierra Service Project: We are scheduled to travel to San Diego, California July 10-17, 2022 to serve our communities. While this is still tentative due to ever changing Covid updates, we are wanting to plan that this service project will happen. If you are interested in being one of the youth participating OR an adult chaperone, please email Erin. 

Formation Volunteers: The Youth Formation team is looking for volunteers to help out at Sunday Formation at 10:30am. If you are interested in committing a Sunday once a month or four times a year to our youth formation, we would welcome your help. Email Erin if interested or have questions about the opportunity. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please email Erin.